objectsTreeViewer Add-on, showing navigator objects in NVDA simply as tree view

NVDA help desk has started to distribute following NVDA add-on.

Add-on name: objectsTreeViewer add-on
When this add-on is installed, menu Objects Tree Viewer is added to NVDA menu, tools.

In the Objects Tree Viewer menu, there are two items called current window and all windows.
When ‘current window’ is selected, the currently focused window is analysed and items are expanded as a tree view.
When ‘all windows’ is selected, all windows obtainable by object navigation are analyzed and items are expanded as a tree view.
In a case this analysis takes much time, you can stop the analysis by pressing ESC.

Left click, left double clicks, right click, and move command are available on each expanded object.
When the move command is used, a mouse pointer is moved to a position of the object.
You can access and use these commands by pressing tab key or short cut keys. Further, you can use application key after you selected a certain item on the tree view.

Objects can be filtered by filter function with keywords.

Using NVDA is sometimes difficult because understanding various objects is difficult.
Objects have hierarchic structure including layers of parents-children, and brothers.
This add-on tells hierarchic structure of objects to NVDA users, which is useful for users to understand these objects. In addition, this add-on is useful for sighted person who instructs visually impared person to use NVDA.

Objects of the NVDA are shown as tree, which let you to easily grasp parents-children, brothers relation between these objects.
On-screen elements, which are difficult to access by pressing tab key and arrow keys, can be easily accessed by mouse pointer or focus.
When you select an item on the tree view, and use a command for moving mouse pointer, you can grasp a position of the selected object.

You can download and install this add-on from following link.

Download and install Object Tree Viewer add-on Version 1.2

We are glad if this add-on is useful for your happy PC life with NVDA.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions and support requests regarding this add-on from the introduction page.

enhancedElementsList, listing up web contents simply

NVDA help desk has started to distribute following add-on.

Name: enhancedElementsList Add-on
Function: When this add-on is installed, pressing shortcut key NVDA+F8 shows enhancedElementsList dialog of web contents.

NVDA has originally a function for showing an elements list by pressing shortcut key NVDA+F7 in web contents, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel. Using the enhancedElementsList add-on,in addition to the original elements list function, elements such as tables, buttons, edit boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, and objects are listed up.

Listing-up of edit boxes and radio buttons is useful because imput fields of questionnaire form can be simply grasped. Listing-up of objects is useful because a motion picture (object) can be easily accessed in sites such as YouTube and niconico motion picures, in which various objects are utilized.

When the enhanced elements list dialog is shown, Ctrl+right arrow or left arrow enables to switch kinds of elements. Ctrl+F1 enables to show current status. These shortcuts can be pressed by one hand, so elements list can be browsed by using only one hand.

The number of currently selected elements is notified by voice or brailles on the title bar.

This add-on can be utilized in FireFox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and in some cases, HTML mails in Thunderbird, and web contents in iTunes.
Current version of the add-on is not applicable for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

You can download and install this add-on from the following link.
Download and install the Enhanced Elements List add-on of version 1.0

Not only NVDA users, but also web creaters can utilize this add-on as a tool for visualizing and evaluating hierarchic structure relation of HTML elements.